School News: Aug. 23, 2016


      When I talk about my Cleveland Browns, I am talking about the American sport of football (no jokes, please). If I talked about football to a British friend, he would assume I was talking about soccer. Because human beings are so different from each other, we have a way of defining things differently. Even within our country, we often differ from each other with respect to how a word or phrase is defined.

     Paul writes, “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” How do we really know what he means by these words? What does love really look like? How about joy, peace and the others? There are a variety of definitions for all of these terms in our society today.

     We look to Jesus the solid Rock, who is the source of our faith. If we want to see what love is all about, we look at the life Jesus led and the sacrifice he made for us. The same is true for the rest of the words. Jesus is the source of the definition. As we use the gifts you have given us, we pray that they may result in our actions being like those of Jesus.


CHAPEL OFFERINGS this year will be designated to a variety of ministries. Students in each class will be encouraged by their teacher to recommend, study, and propose ministries to receive these funds. The funds will then be distributed as requested in the name of that class. Please help us teach our students the principles of good stewardship and the joy of giving by talking with them about their offering each Wednesday. 

PASTOR JIM LINK has been diagnosed with Stage III Esophageal Cancer.  He has a series of tests this week.  For updates on these tests, his condition, and more please log onto

You may also send Pastor Jim cards through our Church & School office; or his home address -  8217 Amarillo Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46237. 

Pastor Jim says:  “This much I do know, I am sitting in the palm of God's hand and am safe and secure. As Paul said, "to die is gain, to live is Christ!"  That is my plan.  God Bless!” 


ST. JOHN NIGHT AT LUTHERAN THIS FRIDAY: Lutheran High School will host a St John Night at its first home football game this Friday, August 26. This is an invitation for the entire school to be a part of the Lutheran High School community. 

BOY SCOUT MEETING – Grades 1-5: Thursday, August 25 (6:30PM) at Trinity Lutheran School (8540 East 16th St). 

ST. JOHN ATHLETIC PARENTS: Please sign up to work a concession stand or gate shift for this season. If everyone does one shift throughout the athletic season, it will all be covered. Let's work together and show our students our commitment to the athletic program. This sign up genius is for volleyball and soccer games, working concessions...gates...and scoreboard:

Please contact Cassie Eastridge: (317)397-5369, or email if you have any questions. Thank you for your support! 

ATHLETICS FUNDRAISING STORE ONLINE: The store is online now, so please check it out @ The sale ends 8/26/16. This is a new design for this school year!

ADULT DISCIPLESHIP CLASS: The Adult Discipleship Class at St. John Lutheran Church will begin shortly after Labor Day. This class can lead to membership at St. John Lutheran Church and School. If you are interested in attending this class, please email R. Kerr at . We will provide more details later in August.


DAKOTA’S WARRIORS: If you would like to order a t-shirt to help support Dakota Beatty and his family, please see the form that came home with students today. You can also find the form on the school web page

If you would like to follow his daily journal blog -

If you would like to sign up to help his family with meals -

HELP A TEACHER OUT! Once a month, PTL is asking for volunteers to monitor a class while the teacher takes a "quiet" lunch break from the kids.

ICE CREAM VOLUNTEERS: If you are interested in serving ice cream from 11:30-12:30 on Fridays, you may sign up here:


MORNING ARRIVAL: Because of supervision issues, all students arriving before 7:40 AM must report or be taken to early care in the 8th grade classroom. (Those arriving after 7:35 AM are not charged for this supervision). Students are not to be at the classrooms until the teacher is there. Teacher morning devotion and meeting time runs from 7:20 AM to 7:40 AM. Parents, we need your help with this. 

MORNING DROP OFF/AFTER SCHOOL DISMISSAL: For the safety of our students, please drop off at the west end ONLY and pick up at the west & east end doors (S1) ONLY. This excludes afternoon PK.