School News: Aug. 9, 2016




August 9, 2016

 Welcome to a new school year. I hope your summer went well and wish all of our families God’s blessings as we look ahead to what He has in store for us. 

PTL ICE CREAM Fundraiser: This school year we are billing for the PTL Ice Cream fundraiser on Fast Direct. Most families participate in this fundraiser and we appreciate how much it helps our PTL. We are collecting for it a bit differently this year to make things easier for parents. Ice cream is $14 per student, (K-8) for the entire school year. There are 15 weeks of ice cream, so one week is free of charge! We will bill each family when school begins. If a student is not participating, parents can opt out by contacting Lori Reno Howard in the office, and we will remove the charge in the general account on Fast Direct. If your child has allergies or you have concerns, please contact Nicole Hartley on Fast Direct, or call her: 317-898-6387. 

Staff Members can be reached through Fast Direct, or by email by using the first initial and last name followed by the web address (ex. - ).

For student safety, do not take students from school through the center lobby doors at dismissal time. Grades 1-3 & 5-8 dismiss from the west doors and PM-PK, Kdg. and 4th Grades dismiss from Hunter Road. Please help us keep your children safe. Drop off at West end ONLY.

Regarding Communication:

We make every effort to communicate important information throughout the year, but we need your help. Please be aware of the following four avenues of communication and be sure to check them regularly:

  • Fast Direct: is the best method for checking grades and assignments, lunch menus, balances due on school bills, classroom bulletin boards, and messages from teachers. Be sure to keep your parent information page up-to-date. If you need your login and password to activate your account, please call the office. 

This is the best place to find school calendar information, vacations, school activities, sports events and practices. This is the calendar to print each month. This is also the place to find copies of the school newsletter and a variety of forms and information pages. 

  • Email: this is the delivery vehicle for the school newsletter, emailed every Tuesday. You may sign up on the website. 
  • The St. John App is available for your Smartphone. This is the notification vehicle for school emergencies, as well as other timely notices and reminders. 

Lunch Charges:

Lunch prices will remain at $3.00 per lunch. This year, the family limit is $25, so it is important to pay ahead weekly or monthly. Families with balances above $25 are not eligible to participate in the lunch program, and we will not be able to serve lunch until the balance is reduced. This step became necessary because of a higher than usual number of past-due balances carried last year. 


The State of Indiana expects that a student will have no more than 8 total excused and unexcused absences during the school year. Parents, we need to stay within that limit, and we need your help to reach that goal for this school year. 

Dress Code:

Please download and read a copy of the school dress code from the website before you do your shopping for the school year. Pay close attention to the types of pants, shorts, and shirts that are acceptable under this policy, as well as acceptable logos. Parents, we need your help with this so teachers do not have to spend time making dress code decisions.