School News: Jan. 17, 2017


     I know what it meant to be good when I was a young child. At home it usually meant “behave”. When I was in school, it usually meant “follow the rules, treat others well, and get your work done”. I remember trying to be good, but falling short on a number of occasions. When I fell short, it was usually because of something I had done or not done. So as I was growing up, the word “good” was almost always tied to my actions.

      I’m older now. I look at “goodness” differently. I think goodness is on the inside and that truly good people are those who have a God-given desire to just seek the best for others around them. That inward desire is expressed as a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit when our lives are touched by Jesus.  

     I no longer describe “goodness” in people only by what they do. I now describe them by who they are, what they believe, and how others feel when they are around them. I pray that the Lord has blessed you with a number of “good” people in your life. 



to fill the vacancy that will exist with the retirement of Mr. Kerr. If you have names of qualified candidates for this principal position, please feel free to submit that information (name and current position) to Luke Baskett: or fill out the Nomination Form outside the office and return it to Lori.  Please pray that the Lord will guide our committee and the congregation in our search.


Representatives from Camp Lakeview visited St. John today to talk with the students and hand out pamphlets about the Summer 2017 K-8 camp opportunities. Be sure you ask your child for this pamphlet. Online registration opens at 9 AM Feb. 1 and camps fill very fast. To save time, you can visit before Feb. 1 to set up your registration account.


We will celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week and will also participate in the Lutheran Hour Ministries Mission Trip to Madagascar.

This means a number of things that students and parents will want to be aware of:

  1. LUTHERAN SCHOOLS WEEK SUNDAY (JAN 22). Students in grades K-8 will sing a special theme song at whichever service they usually attend. In addition, the Junior Choir (grades 6-8) will sing at all three Sunday services (8:00, 10:25, and 10:45)
  2. SPECIAL ASSEMBLY - Students will attend a special assembly with comedian/speaker Larry Wirtz at Lutheran High School on Tuesday, Jan 24. Times vary per grade level. Information sheets and requests for drivers were sent home last week.
  3. THEMES - Each day of the week will be designated as special theme for the day. Please look over the next article in this newsletter so your child can participate. Notification reminders will go out the night before each theme day on the app.

SPECIAL DRESS DAYS FOR the week of Jan 23-27:

Monday - Comfy/Cozy Day, PJ's & Bathrobes, Slippers (NOT Athletic Wear of any sort.
Tuesday—Matching Color Day – Paired classes will wear the same color. All clothing, or just a matching item (No paint or hair color).  
Grades Kdg. and 4 will wear BLUE; Grades 1 and 5 will wear RED; Grades 3 and 6 will wear ORANGE; Grades 2 and 7 will wear GREEN; Grade 8 will wear GRAY.

Wednesday--Dress your Best Day
Thursday— “Madagascar Day” - Dress as a favorite character from the animated films, or in original native costume. Need help – google “Madagascar movie” and search images for ideas).
Friday - Athletic Wear Day – This is a tournament weekend.


Parents at St. John are encouraged to use these and only these pathways to receive official communication from our school:

  1. Our App (free download)
  2. Our Website (
  3. Our School Newsletter (emailed and on web site)
  4. “St. John Lutheran School – Indianapolis” Facebook Page


Thanks to all the parents who brought in goodies for teachers & staff for Christmas and to Jett’s Pizza for providing a salad for the teacher’s meal.


Please re-enroll your students as soon as possible. Classes are filling up and we have new families waiting to apply. To re-enroll your child(ren), please click here. Complete re-enrollment form for each current student, and pay the Registration Fee (Enrollment is not complete until fee is paid), if you are not directed to the payment page after finishing the enrollment form, click here. To enroll a sibling of a current student who will be new in 2017-2018, please email Lori at so she can send you a link to the New Student Enrollment form. Do not use a re-enrollment form.