School News: March 7, 2017


      You know you are getting older when the items being purchased on “American Pickers” are items that you used to own. In recent episodes of this show about two men on the road searching for antiques, I have seen a few of the cars I drove (I loved my 66 Corvair, 72 Beetle, and 72 Plymouth Duster), some business signs that were new when I first saw them, and countless toys that I either owned or dreamed about at Christmas. I ask the same question many others ask – “Why didn’t I keep those?”

     But I didn’t. Like so much of life, what is popular one day is out of interest the next. Things that seem silly one day suddenly explode onto the market the next. Here today, gone the next. Things change.  

     I am extremely thankful that one thing that has not changed in my life is my faith. Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sin. The Holy Spirit brought that screaming into my heart when I was much younger, and it is still as strong today. Stronger. Because the passing years have provided countless affirmations that Jesus is real. Life is better lived when I realize my inability to handle all of life on my own. Life is better explained when I consider the depth of God’s love that took that burden from me. Same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Same for eternity. 





Congratulations to the following students who earned membership in a new AR Club in February:

Ethan C., Naomi W. (Bronze Club – 500 Pts.)

Julionna A., Dylan B., Madison C., Caitlyn R., Rylee W. (250 Pts.)

Brooklyn B., Bryce E., Samuel R. (100 Pts.)

Kari B., Piper C., Harleen G., Brooklyn H., J.T. K., Leah M., Sophia S., Trinity S., Ryan W. (50 Pts.)

Max B., Christine B., Elayna L., Emma P., Addison R., Ian S., Sophia S. (25 Pts.)

Top All-Around Points – Fred H. (2543); Lindsey B. (2188)



Our School Geography Champion, Dylan B., has passed the first round and qualified to compete in the state level competition of the National Geographic Bee! The Indiana State Bee will be held on Friday, March 31, 2017. We are proud of you, Dylan, and pray for God to bless your efforts at the next level.



They did a great job on Saturday at the state SCRABBLE tournament. Special congratulations to Dara M. and Fred H. for taking 1st place, and to Georgia and Larry A. for placing 2nd. Dara and Fred will represent St. John at the North American School SCRABBLE Championship next month in Foxboro, MA.



Dr. Nick Wilson, local chiropractor, talk show host, and owner of one of the largest natural health centers in the Midwest, will speak to our 5th- 8th graders at 12:45 this Friday, March 10. He will be talking with the students about nutrition and health. Since this is also an important topic for the home, parents who are interested in attending are welcome to do so.



Our annual Grandparents and Special Persons Day will take place NEXT FRIDAY March 17 from 12:00 to 3 PM. The day will include a chapel service in the Dwelling Place at 12:15 and a variety of afternoon activities. Visitors may proceed to the Dwelling Place on arrival and the students will join us there and look to sit with their guests in time for chapel. Picture order forms are being sent home today for this event.



Our annual Scholastic Book Fair sponsored by PTL will be open for students from March 15-17 and then available on Grandparents Day on March 17. NOTE - The Book Fair will also be open on Thursday, March 16 before and after the Lenten Service/Concert planned for the Dwelling Place that evening.

Teachers will send home flyers about the book selections this week.