School News: November 1, 2016


     Maybe you have seen the commercial. A strong man is looking in a mirror as he applies lipstick and adjusts a wig. The next scene shows a number of little girls looking wide-eyed at the door as this large man enters dressed fully as a princess. He sits down in a very small chair and proceeds to have tea with his daughter and her friends. The laughter is contagious. It’s something they will probably never forget.

     “Gentleness” is defined as a humble, non-threatening demeanor that derives from a position of strength and authority. Opposite from the way we think it should look, real gentleness is not weak and passive. It is very useful in calming another’s anger.

   We talk about gentleness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, a sign that faith is operating in our lives. We are not afraid to let it show. Philippians 4:5 says, “Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all.” May the Spirit not only fill us with this gentleness, but especially give us the willingness to let it be demonstrated toward others.   



Please be extra cautious at morning drop off later this week. Mr. Kerr will not be outside on some of those days. 


Congratulations to the following students who earned membership in a new AR Club in October:

Quinn B., Nell M. (Silver Club – 850 Pts.)

Logan K. (Bronze Club – 500 Pts.)

Jackson B., Evan P. (250 Pts.)

Allie G., Makinzee H., Porter M. (100 Pts.)

Kellen B., Carter Wilson (50 Pts.)

Kari B., Harleen G., Kaiya H. (25 Pts.)


Thursday, November 3. Inter-State Studios will take pictures for those students who were not here on picture day in September, or for those who have returned the original pictures to request a retake. The forms will be outside the office in the hallway. 


Shoctober will be extended through this week because of the wonderful weather the Good Lord has decided to bless us with! $1/day to wear shorts, if you so choose. Proceeds go to purchase general athletic department needs. 


Our Bible Quiz team will compete against the other Lutheran schools in the area on Tuesday night (Nov. 1) at Lutheran High School. We hope you will join us for this event at 7 PM. Team members are Emily C., Jaelah C., Hana C., Sukhpreet G., Paige M., Gabby R., and Naomi W. Miss Thomas and Mrs. McCartney are the coaches. 


This Friday, Nov. 4th, all students in all grades may wear St. John wear or dress in school colors (blue, black and white) to show school spirit before a tournament weekend. Jeans are acceptable. 


Celebrate Indiana's 200th Birthday with all of us here on Thursday, November 10. Each classroom has been preparing a project focusing on an integral aspect of our beautiful state - state parks, our universities, our ecosystem, our counties, etc. During the day, each class will be sharing their projects with other classes and then that evening, you are invited to the classrooms between 6:30 and 6:55 PM. At 7 PM, join us in The Dwelling Place to wrap up our celebration of our Indiana's birthday!


We are publishing again to reflect a couple of omissions, our sincere apologies.


Fred H., Dara M., Luke H., Georgia A., Laurence A.,  Alden A., Sarah B., Jaelah C., Ethan C., Nicole D., Nathan S., Naomi W., Nell M., Gretchen B., Malin B., Emily C., Evan P.


Caleb B., Jimmy B., Lindsey B., Lucas F., Emily H., Caleb J., Micah M., Luke S., Reese B., Madison C., Gage F., Kathryn G., Sukhpreet G., Bristol H., Paige M., Jacob P., Kyle S., Bryson W., Olivia A., Dakota B., Hana C., Ellie D., Katelyn H., Clayton H., Penelope M., Elaine R., Julionna A., Dylan B., Maddie G., Kyian H., Cora L., Bella L., Shelby M., Sydnee M., Gabby R., Cole S., Shawn V., Rylee W.


The following is the transcript of the full announcement read by various members of the call committee at our services this weekend (10/29-30).

Please join us in celebrating, giving thanks, and learning how we can care and pray for our new pastor and his family during this time of change! "Exciting News!" Rev. Troy Countryman has accepted God’s call to be our senior pastor.

He writes:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at St. John, Indianapolis: Greetings in the name of Jesus! It is with great joy and hopeful anticipation that I write this letter to you to accept your call to serve as Senior Pastor at St. John Lutheran Church and School, Indianapolis. Jesus says that in the Church you will have a hundred-fold and brothers, sisters, mothers, and children (Mark 10:30). Since my ordination and installation at St. John’s, Mattoon, Illinois, on June 22, 2008, my wife Andrea, our children, Piper, Oliver, and Drew, and I, have been blessed beyond measure to live in the love of a family centered in Christ Jesus. Leaving will truly be bittersweet. It will be bitter, because it is not easy for my family and me to leave a church family whom we love and who has loved us so well over the past nearly eight and a half years. Our Heavenly Father has richly blessed us as we have journeyed together through deep sorrows and tremendous joys, and all the while He has drawn us closer to Christ Jesus and one another. It will be sweet, because we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us as we become part of a new church family at St. John, Indianapolis. Andrea and I are both Indiana natives (although I’m a Boilermaker and she is a Hoosier), and we look forward to returning to Indianapolis and closer to both our families. Perhaps most importantly, we are excited for ministry opportunities at St. John and in the greater Warren and Franklin Township neighborhoods. We have not finalized our plans yet with respect to timing. At this point, it looks like my last Sunday at St. John’s, Mattoon, will be November 20. My wife is in nursing school, and our children will finish the semester here in Mattoon; however, I anticipate my installation will be sometime in December. You all remain in my and my family’s prayers, and we ask that you pray for the saints at St. John’s, Mattoon, as they seek a new Senior Pastor. In the love and joy of Jesus, Pastor Troy Countryman”

Rev. Countryman’s installation is scheduled for 2 PM on Sunday, December 11. Our Elders will be working with Pastor Countryman to plan the service and the following celebration. Pastor’s plan is to begin working weekends after November with his family still in Mattoon. He hopes we will understand his need to be with his family during the week. They currently have a house in Mattoon. They are praying to find a buyer quickly.

While the Countryman family transitions into our St. John and Indianapolis community, we ask that you prayerfully consider assisting them as they seek temporary housing. While they plan their move, we would like to ask that, if possible, you consider providing a gift of short-term housing to the Countryman family in response to the abundant love, faithfulness and generosity which God has showered on St. John, especially in our recent pastoral vacancy. We would like to help Pastor Countryman and his family avoid any undue expenses or additional leases while they settle their affairs in Illinois and prepare to join and serve us. In response to such a gift, we in the St. John office are able to help plan such a charitable donation for taxes. If such an opportunity is on your heart, we advise checking with your tax professional for the “market value” of such in-kind gifts and that the rent can be certified, as this is the responsibility of the donor.

If you can help, please communicate with Matt Mielke, Assistant Congregation Chair using cell or text at (317) 538-3957, or e-mail him at . In summation, we are blessed that God has called Rev. Countryman to be our senior pastor.

After December 11, he plans to work here on the weekends and then return to spend the week with his family in Mattoon. He has offers of a place to stay on the weekends, but until their house sells, the family will need a place to stay after the new year begins (and their school semester ends). Please keep St. John’s Mattoon in your prayers as they begin to seek their new pastor, and please keep the Countryman family in your prayers as they make the move to join us here as St. John."