Community Initiative Grant Update (5/11/17)

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UPDATE 5/10/17: As St. John continues approaching the final grant application on December 1, 2017, there is still a lot of preparatory work to be done.

We have established a list of partnerships that we would like to further pursue through the funds allocated by this grant. These groups all represent diverse services provided to our community around St. John, and the community at large. By partnering with these groups, we hope to provide the use of our facilities, something they do not have, and thus support their outreach and specialized focuses, something we do not have, thus complementing one another.

St. John Lutheran Church and School's location works well for these partners, and we possess an abundance of space that some of them lack. Specifically, our relationship with LMM may be continued through Sunday afternoon rec soccer games. By partnering with these groups, we are able to learn more about them and their work, as well as better understanding needs around us and forming relationships that assist us in addressing such needs in a holistic approach. We also intend to serve our partners while witnessing Christ in a dedicated fashion through these relationships and opportunities.

We also believe that increasing our community outreach in this meaningful way also presents a fiscally responsible solution at this point in our ministry and congregational history.

It is our hope that such partnerships and outreach will open doors for further involvement and relationships at St. John, as well as new opportunities in the lives of our members.

Our grant, once awarded, will help us to better meet the needs of partners regarding necessities for their work and meetings, especially in the area of space and furnishings. These funds will also assist in developing written and video materials to govern these new relationships, like host guidelines and a Shared Purpose Memorandum of Understanding and Liability.

If you would like to stay in touch and involved during this process or share any questions, please contact Paul Johnson, our director of outreach and assimilation, by e-mail at  or at our church office number, (317) 352-9196.

Please feel free to learn more about these groups by visiting their websites:

Children's Bureau


CICOA (Central Indiana Council on Aging)


Centrality Behavior


LMM (Lutheran Multicultural Mission)


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