Fall Sunday School 2017

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Are you aware that we offer more than just a Christian school for our children? We also offer Sunday morning classes for our children and youth from 9:30-10:15.

Sarah Rothe, our Sunday School superintendent, and her team are looking forward to getting the Sunday School program started again this fall. We would love to have your child join us each Sunday for our Preschool class, our K-1st grade class, our Second-Third grade class, Fourth-Sixth grade class, and Junior and Senior High class.

We would also love to have volunteers encourage our children through these opportunities. With many students and classes, we could use help each week. Not sure you can commit every week? That’s alright, we encourage flexible team teaching to help meet your needs and ours. Not sure you can commit to a Sunday? That’s alright. We could use help with some data entry or errand running throughout the week, or some things that only require help once a month.

Do you see something you might enjoy or are willing to learn more about?  Prayerfully consider how you could be used as we seek to assist those serving in our Childhood Christian Education ministry.

  • Greeters before and after Sunday School
  • Organizer/point person or co-superintendent
  • Google Doc coordinator
  • Snack coordinator or volunteer
  • Baptismal birthday card coordinator or note writer
  • Mission/Service project coordinator
  • Music leader

If you are interested in any of these Sticky Faith opportunities, or have questions about them, please contact Sarah Rothe at or call/text 317-438-3537.


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