Lenten Worship Series

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One of the Bible’s greatest wisdom books is the book of Job.  This Lent we will explore this magnificent composition that is numbered among the greatest literature of all time.  The overarching theme of Job is suffering. We all suffer—personally and privately. We also suffer in more public ways. A husband loses a job. A child gets divorced. A parent dies. And now, thanks to the media, we are able to see and experience more and more of the world’s catastrophes and suffering. Why do we suffer? How can and should a Christian handle suffering? The Lenten sermons will help us to learn how to apply the book of Job to our lives so that the book becomes less like a long, impenetrable series of orations and misconceptions about Job's suffering, and more like a loving companion through our own darkest valleys. We need the book of Job, now, more than ever.

All of our Services will be held in the Sanctuary at 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Please join us for Soup Suppers in the Commons in between the services.

Lent 4: March 14: Understanding How It All Works Together (Job 23:1-17)

Lent 5: March 21: God Speaks in the Storm (Job 38:1-11)


To further your study in the Word, please download Lenten devotions at https://www.lhm.org/lent/



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