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Standalone words may not seem important, but strategically placed on a game board they come alive and score points for you and a teammate. If you happen to be engaged in a competitive game of Scrabble, selecting and playing the highest scoring words will propel you to an exciting win.  

This year, 28 St. John Lutheran School 5-8th grade students have accepted the challenge of Scrabble competition.  Each team member is given the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, apply some basic math skills, work on team building, enhance their sportsmanship, develop strategizing skills, and learn to “work the clock” as they spell their way to higher scores and team victories.  

Second grade teacher, Mrs. Valerie Schultz, is in her 17th season as the head coach of this hugely successful program.  Mrs. Schultz loves watching each Scrabble Team member grow in their skills.  She was excited to see one 5th grade team with a meager score of just 38 points later go on to win the Indiana State Scrabble Tournament as eighth graders.  

For the past ten plus years the State Scrabble Tournament has been held right here at St. John. This year, approximately 10 – 12 teams will be in attendance at the March 5 state tournament.

This year, the National Scrabble Tournament is scheduled for April 9-10 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The number of students St. John is able to send to the National Scrabble Tournament is largely dependent on available funding. It costs approximately $700 per student to travel and participate in this national event. One two-person team is sponsored annually by the PTL. Other fundraisers are done throughout the year to help raise additional dollars such as the sale of sponsorship t-shirts, blue jean events and private sponsorships. 

Spectators are always welcome at the local and state events at St. John.  Check with Mrs. Schultz via  or phone 317.352.9196 ext. 22 for dates and times.  Coach Schultz would also love to hear from you as a potential financial contributor.  Wouldn’t it be great to send several teams to Foxborough this year?  How will you help spell “success”?


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