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Positive change is just around the corner for our church nursery beginning on January 24! It’s no secret … the availability and viability of nursery services during Sunday morning services has been limited at best.  Visitors and members alike often seek care for their young children while they attend Sunday Bible studies and services.  All too often they have been disappointed to discover that the nursery was inadequately staffed or not staffed at all.

We are blessed that a capable Nursery Coordinator, Tawnee Hinton, has been selected to put into place a solid nursery ministry at St John.  She is in the process of gathering names, vetting and selecting individuals to staff the nursery each Sunday morning from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Our goal is to have a thriving ministry for infant through age 3 children for the congregation and our visitors.

Position Description and Responsibilities

Candidates must accomplish the following to be considered for a position:  

  • Successfully complete first aid and CPR training (provided)
  • Attend ongoing children’s ministry training and meetings as required
  • Demonstrate a positive and friendly attitude with the parents and with the children in their care
  • Tend to the immediate needs of the children in the nursery by feeding, changing, soothing and playing with them
  • Clean, sanitize and put away toys prior to closing the nursery each week
  • Promptly report any needs and concerns to the Nursery Coordinator
  • Immediately report safety hazards or damaged equipment to the Coordinator.  

Meeting these requirements will require the selected individuals to have experience and/or education with infants and toddlers, demonstrate a compassionate, caring personality and have the ability to follow through on tasks and assignments. Nursery Workers will be compensated for their time at the rate of $10.00 per hour.

Safety and Security Upgrades

Nursery workers will also be provided training on child protection policies and safe practices.  Each candidate will also be subjected to a national background check.  Security cameras and monitoring equipment are being installed within the nursery and outside of the room as an extra measure of protection for our children and the workers watching over them.  Also coming soon will be audio/visual equipment enabling nursery staff and visiting parents to view the services taking place in the Dwelling Place.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in applying for one of the paid positions or if you would like to volunteer occasionally, please contact our Nursery Coordinator Tawnee Hinton by or by phone at (317) 408-1342 or apply at the link below.

Apply for Nursery Staff Position

Thank you for your help in making the St. John Nursery Ministry come to life!



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