St. John Sunday School Students Make Witness Bracelets for Missions

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Sometimes, it all comes together. First, in August, 2015 I learned that Lutheran Women in Indiana are supporting a June 2016 mission trip to Nicaragua, where eye glasses and witness bracelets will be given out. Second, I heard about Thrivent Financial’s new program in which members can apply for an Action Grant for projects to benefit the community. Third, our St. John Sunday School director Sarah Rothe plans mission service projects on the fifth Sunday of the month, which happens around every three months.

It all came together on January 31, 2016, when our Sunday School children, along with teachers and other volunteers, made 200 witness bracelets to be given out on mission trips. 

A witness bracelet is made of a strip of leather with 7 colored beads. 

  • A clear bead represents God’s invisibility and holiness.
  • Gray represents our separation from God because of sin. 
  • Red represents Jesus’ blood shed for our sins
  • White means purity and forgiveness from our sins.
  • Blue represents our baptism into the family of God through water and the Word.
  • Green represents growth in the Word and discipleship.
  • Yellow represents the Crown of Life or heaven.

Every Thrivent Financial member can request funds for two projects a year. Other Thrivent projects funded here at St. John include: Mrs. Johnson’s 4th grade class tying 25 fleece quilts for children at Lutherwood; our youth Advent by Candlelight Dinner; and Phyllis Fleischer, Julaine Bolden and others making quilts for Lutheran World Relief. 

Contact Ivonne Zimmer for more information and assistance in funding your project.


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