Using the St. John App to Engage in Worship

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While Erin and her family sit down to breakfast and coffee on Sunday morning before heading to the New Song service, Erin opens her St. John Lutheran App and peeks at the order of service before they head out. They like to play each song in the worship list and kind of sing along, learn the music and relax. 

Erin says she likes peeking ahead of time at the order of service and listening to the music because she grew up reading music in a hymnal and easily being able to follow along to a musical arrangement she wasn’t familiar with.  With the contemporary service projecting the words on the screen and the band leading the songs she felt she wasn’t able to sing along to the unfamiliar songs for at least the first verse and chorus.  

But now, listening ahead with their family has become a fun habit and something they look forward to with their boys (Tristan 9, Camren 7).  Erin said, "The songs are now familiar when we get there, and they are much easier to follow from the start.  Listening ahead starts to put us in the mood for church and to be receptive to the fellowship and messaging."  She said they get excited when they hear songs they already know well either from previous services or hearing them on the radio. 

We'd love to hear other ways you are using the app to engage with the ministry at St. John Lutheran Church and School?

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Anonymous on April 8, 2016 1:51pm

Good idea! What a lovely family!


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