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St. John Lutheran is pleased to announce receipt of a resource grant from the Indianapolis Center for Congregations.  The $30,000 matching grant will help develop our youth ministry area. The Indianapolis Center for Congregations is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening congregations through resource consulting, educational events and resource grants.  The Indianapolis Center for Congregations is funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc.  

St. John Lutheran Church's project idea is to foster relationships with youth, parents, and the congregation, so students will be better prepared for the battles that pull them away from Jesus through their high school and college years.  We will equip parents as the primary faith developers in their family.  Our long term goal is increased commitment to the Christian faith, the church, and grace based living.

This is not just for parents with teenagers. We encourage the entire church to get involved. 

Ivonne Zimmer has grown children, but after reading the book Sticky Faith by Drs. Kara E. Powell and Chap Clark she had a conviction of needing to focus on the millennial generation because of her grandchildren and they are both under the age of two. Sticky Faith talks about bridging the gap between generations and passing on our deepest beliefs and values. It's full of practical insight and encouragement, and it teaches how to not only parent but disciple our children. Ivonne said, "You have to work at it and that is why we are excited to receive the Center for Congregations grant so we can focus on it together."

In the coming months, there will be many ways to get involved. We'll be hosting events, reading through the Sticky Faith book together and praying for our youth and congregation. We ask that you consider being a part of this exciting journey...and inviting a friend to join, too!

We'd love to assess where we are now and compare it to where our youth program is heading after our project is completed. Will you consider taking a quick survey? We'd love your input whether you're a parent, student or grandparent.

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