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We're Hiring

St. John Lutheran Church and School is excited to be hiring a Full-Time Director of Communications. Our new communications ministry will intentionally and strategically organize the various communications messages we have to share with our church and community.  This new position was created to increase the effectiveness, reach and impact of all church communications.  

If you have a passion for your Savior, love His people and have a communications background and want to help St. John tell its story we want you to apply for the position.

Full- Time Communications Director Job Description


The Communications Director will create, organize, plan and implement effective communications messages and strategies for church and community audiences. This individual will support ministry leaders in conveying their vision and communications priorities to appropriate audiences.


Specific Skills, Gifts, Talents Needed

Leadership: Leader, big-picture planner, ministry partner, coach and motivator. Lead and manage other staff and volunteers to implement communications strategies. Provide leadership and management in the area of external/internal communications and marketing through print and electronic tools.

Coaching/Training: Educate people about procedures and processes for communicating messages. Meet them where they are in their level of understanding and help them come to know what St. John does and why and how they can contribute to the overall effectiveness of church communications.

Creativity: Continually look for ways to communicate existing church-wide and ministry programs in creative ways that will evoke a response from the congregation and community.

Marketing/Public Relations: Assess and determine the most effective ways to communicate a message to its intended audience.

Organizational/Planning: Understand the vision cast by leadership and organize communications messages in a way that best reflects the church's priorities. 

Relational: Sit at the table with leadership and act as an advocate for creative and clear communications. Connect with ministries on a personal and regular basis to understand their needs and wants.

Computer Proficiency: Must be very comfortable working with computers with the ability to take on writing and basic design work.

Writing: Able to write and adapt written text to match the medium through which it is being communicated. Communicate clearly and effectively using the written word.

Design: Know or can quickly learn and direct basic design principles utilizing software.


  • Work with ministry leaders to develop communications processes and define priorities to create an environment in which messages can be communicated clearly, creatively and effectively.
  • Work with church and ministry leaders to define, develop and effectively communicate messages to church-wide and specific, more targeted audiences.
  • Create, organize, plan and implement effective communications messages and strategies to all audiences. The individual will support ministry leaders in conveying their vision and communications priorities to appropriate audiences.
  • Serve as air traffic controller, keeping communications requests on time and on budget.
  • Solicit information from ministry leaders to organize and plan out communications messages in a timely manner.
  • Cultivate, lead and manage a team of communication volunteers (writers, photographers, designers, etc.).
  • Work with church and ministry leaders to develop communication messages to reach those not currently associated with St. John.
  • Create and implement a strategy for becoming more visible in the community.
  • Write and edit communications messages for use in various mediums and to various audiences.
  • Keep ears open to stories of life-change. Develop ways to creatively communicate those stories via video, online, etc.
  • Facilitate proactive communications ideas, calendaring, and church-wide and ministry-specific initiatives. Have a visionary outlook with a contagious spirit to see how the church can be concise, clear and creative in its communications.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating the website on a regular basis and serve as the webmaster.
  • Strong writing, editing and proofreading skills. This individual serves as the “eyes” for all things print and electronic, looking for clear communication, brand presence and consistency.
  • Is current on creative, communications and technological trends and looks for opportunities to use this information to more effectively communicate.
  • Will Assist the Director of Development to create, organize, plan and implement effective crowd funding projects that are inspired, intentional, and intrinsic.
  • Will have a role in implementing our development plan in the area of annual funds. 


Other Considerations:

  • A bachelor's degree in Communications or related field.
  • Spiritual maturity with a passion for sharing Christ’s love with others.
  • Well organized and a good administrator; able to work independently as well as within a team.
  • Relocation Assistance is available. 


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