22 ways to help kids develop Sticky Faith.

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We are excited for people of all ages and stages to get involved with this initiative. Sticky Faith works to partner kids with mentors who will help them build a lasting faith. 

Ladies Aid is one of the recent groups here at St. John to get involved with Sticky Faith. 

Ladies Aid is open to all St. John women. Most of them, however are 59+. They love children as their mentors, grandmothers, and/or great grandmothers. Ladies Aid meets monthly (Sept. - May) for lunch and a program, and they do church service projects throughout the year. 

We asked Ladies Aid to give us some tips they've used to help kids develop Sticky Faith. Here are some of their ideas:

  • Family meals are important. Make kids feel more loved.
  • Read the Bible as a family each night.
  • Reflect on church services together as a family.
  • Send texts to grandchildren often. Wish them a blessed day or share a thanksgiving to God's message.
  • Take an all family vacation in the Summer.
  • Listen to your children and offer encouragement when troubles arise.  
  • Help them be aware of God's beautiful earth. 
  • Have a family devotional at bedtime. 
  • Worship and participate in church activities as a family. 
  • Take mission trips together as a family. 
  • Let kids see you praying and relying on Christ. 
  • Show grace! Law always needs to be followed by grace. 

Sticky Faith also put together a list of ideas! Here are some from their article, "40+ Ways to Build Sticky Faith in Your Grandkids":

  • Teach your grandchild a new skill or one of your favorite hobbies, e.g. fishing, skiing, bicycling, jewelry making. 
  • Let your grandchild teach you a new skill or share a hobby with you.
  • Take your grandchildren to a live butterfly exhibit and talk about the wonder of God’s creation, the life cycle of the butterfly, and if possible, let them see one emerge from a chrysalis.
  • Purchase or create a craft or science project that you can do with your grandchild.
  • Enter a race and run/swim/ride or walk it with your grandchild.
  • Talk with your grandchild about a family tradition that you enjoyed with your own grandparents and/or parents, and have passed along to your children. Then continue that tradition with your grandchild.  Examples could include seeing fireworks together or going to a parade, having campfires and roasting marshmallows on the beach, seeing the Nutcracker ballet or making tamales during the Christmas season, or riding bikes to a favorite ice cream place. 
  • Bring out photo albums and talk about when your grandchild was born, how you prayed for them even before they were born, how excited you were to first hold him or her, and how blessed you feel that they are now part of your family.
  • Serve together at a local ministry.
  • Feed folks who are homeless together.
  • Play games with your grandchildren.

Do you have a great way to help a child develop Sticky Faith? Comment and let us know! 


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