Our 2016 Annual Report is here!

You may have seen a beautiful, bold, blue document come home in a mailing recently, or noticed it at our coffee bar or welcome desk. If you have, we'd like to introduce our 2016 St. John Annual Report! You'll get a wide range of statistics and figures, but more importantly, you get a snapshot of life, and how much happens around our... Read More

Love and Sacrifice in Lent

Love can look like many different things. It is easy to think of Valentine’s Day as “Love Day,” “Heart Day,” or a time for romance that may be neglected for our spouses or significant others all the rest of the year. But Valentine’s Day is not really about love, any more than Cheese Whiz is real... Read More

Many Ways to Reach out During Lent

Part of our identity as Christians at St. John Lutheran is about coming together as a community to meet the needs of others. We do this in a variety of ways, and continue to look to the future as we find new ways to do this. Lent is no reason for us to stop thinking like this, and so we give you two easy ways to support ministry that... Read More

Thank-You from Lutheran Hour Ministries for Chapel Gift!

After a recent and exciting National Lutheran Schools Week and Lutheran Hour Ministries Online Mission Trip to Madagascar, St. John Lutheran School sent a generous gift from chapel offerings to support the work LHM has done and continues to do in Madagascar. Students were also able to talk with Rev. Jeff Kuddes, an LCMS international... Read More

Welcome to St. John Lutheran, New Members!

On Sunday, January 29th, we will receive nine new members from our adult confirmation class. After months of study and catechesis, or studying our confessional Lutheran doctrine as presented in Martin Luther's Small Catechism, we are excited to welcome them as members in fellowship, worship, and belief among us. Since October... Read More

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