Using the St. John App to Engage in Worship

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  While Erin and her family sit down to breakfast and coffee on Sunday morning before heading to the New Song service, Erin opens her St. John Lutheran App and peeks at the order of service before they head out. They like to play each song in the worship list and kind of sing along, learn the music and relax.  Erin... Read More

Join us for Easter Breakfast and Worship Services

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  We would love to have you join us for Worship on Easter morning, Sunday, March 27. There are multiple service times and types of worship styles to choose from. 7:45 a.m. Traditional Communion Service in the Sanctuary - This includes an Adult Choir, Bell Choir and Brass Ensemble. During this service... Read More

May We Please Have a Word

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Standalone words may not seem important, but strategically placed on a game board they come alive and score points for you and a teammate. If you happen to be engaged in a competitive game of Scrabble, selecting and playing the highest scoring words will propel you to an exciting win.   This year, 28 St. John Lutheran... Read More

Nursery Ministry Coming to Life

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Positive change is just around the corner for our church nursery beginning on January 24! It’s no secret … the availability and viability of nursery services during Sunday morning services has been limited at best.  Visitors and members alike often seek care for their young children while they attend Sunday Bible... Read More

Mission Trip Possible

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Have you ever thought about participating in a mission trip to a foreign country?  Many of us have perhaps lacked the time, means or opportunity to actually pack our bags and experience a hands-on mission effort.  Now there is a way to share some of that experience without journeying any further than St John Lutheran Church... Read More


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