Get ready for Vacation Bible School!

Get ready for a trip across the globe…without leaving town! Register today to experience daily life in Thailand as part of the Thailand Trek team!​​ Or register to Volunteer!   Pack your suitcase for Thailand! You’ll share the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of daily life in Thailand with the... Read More

Feeling the Effects of Sticky Faith

Wednesday night (before Confirmation Sunday) I showed up in the church Commons with twenty five other adults from within our congregation.  I got the sense that everyone was a little on edge as we anxiously awaited meeting our prayer partners for the first time.  I looked up to see a large group of energetic young men and... Read More

Virtual Mission Trip to Lativia

St. John Lutheran Takes Mission Trip to Latvia – Online   Indianapolis, Indiana, January 28, 2015   It’s a long ways from Indianapolis to Latvia to go on a mission trip – 4,700 miles to be exact. But students and adults at St. John Lutheran Church will be talking with Latvian students and adults on... Read More

Bible Stories for Adults

You're invited to join us for Bible Stories for Adults! This new 12 week class has three parts:  Going through basic Bible stories. Finding the grace in each story.  Answering the question - How can I share this story with my family?   This is a Sticky Faith project, seeking to help adults gain... Read More

What can you do to help kids develop Sticky Faith?

  The Sticky Faith journey has been a great one so far! Thank you for the commitments you've made to this study. Sticky Faith is just the first book end in the Youth Ministry Grant Initiative! The initiative won’t be complete until September, and the effort to balance the “adult table” and “kids... Read More


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