Red Letter Challenge Small Groups

Join us for Small Groups, starting on March 3rd. These groups will study The Red Letter Challenge, and will meet on Sunday mornings from 9:25-10:10 am through the Lenten Season. Each Sunday will start with a video in the Dwelling Place and then groups will head to their meting rooms to discuss the challenges of the previous week. We... Read More

Community Ministry Grant Comes to a Close

God did not make believers islands unto themselves. He placed us into relationships with one another. Indeed, He made us one body (1 Cor. 12:14-27).   The Community Ministry Grant comes to a close; but the relationships continue.  I recently sat down with Ivonne Zimmer and interviewed her about the Community Ministry... Read More

Kindergarten and The Children's Bureau

St. John students celebrated their last day before Christmas vacation with singing, bowling, and classroom Christmas parties.   Rather than buying gifts for each other many classrooms gave back!  The Kindergarten students collected toys and clothing items for the Children’s Bureau.  Our kindergarten Teacher Miss... Read More

7 Easy Steps to Inviting a Friend to Church

Christmas is a great time to invite your friends, neighbors, and family to church. More of them are willing to come to church on Christmas than any other Sunday. Here are seven steps you can take to offer a pleasant, respectful invitation for anyone to visit your church on Christmas Eve. 1. Decide you want to do... Read More

Upcoming Christmas Events: Christmas Caroling and "A Christmas Story"

Christmas Caroling Caroling homebound members has happened in the past. It hasn't been done for several years. With enough interest, we'd like to do it again. Anyone is invited to participate, including family members of all ages. Proposed date is Sunday, December 16th, gathering at church about 2:00 pm to get carols, practice a... Read More

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