Bennett Family

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The Bennett family transferred to St. John from Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  Their daughters, Sarah and Ellie, attended Heritage Christian School and particularly enjoyed singing in choir and acting in musicals.  Several years ago, the girls’ choir director moved from Heritage Christian to Franklin Community Schools, in Johnson County, and shortly after that he offered their mom, Andrea, a job as his assistant. Andrea began commuting to work in Franklin every day from the Northeast side, and soon the girls were commuting with her to their new school so they could stay with an excellent choral program they loved.  They finally moved their whole household from Indy’s Northeast side to Greenwood. 

Jeff, Andrea, Sarah and Ellie have never regretted moving South and sticking with the excellent choral program now at Franklin.  Andrea still works full time (and then some)  in Franklin’s Music Department. Jeff’s vocation is comparatively boring: he’s a state and local tax attorney, having practiced with the same firm in Indy for 29 years.  But his real job, at least on weekends, is chief groupie, following the rest of his family in their musical pursuits.

The Bennetts started attending at St. John a little over a year ago, and very quickly knew they had found a new church home.  They still love and miss their friends at Holy Cross, but St. John is such a warm and welcoming community, and the Bennetts are thrilled to be here and are grateful to have had a happy and seamless transition!


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