Bible Stories for Adults

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You're invited to join us for Bible Stories for Adults! This new 12 week class has three parts: 

  1. Going through basic Bible stories.
  2. Finding the grace in each story. 
  3. Answering the question - How can I share this story with my family?


This is a Sticky Faith project, seeking to help adults gain knowledge about Bible stories. Our goal is to give you the tools to share and discuss these stories with your family. This is not meant to be an in-depth or rigid Bible study. We want this to be an approachable place where you can learn, ask questions and be inspired to share the Bible! (Check out more about our Sticky Faith initiative here.)


Bible Stories for Adults will be held in the Art Room from 9:30-10:15 a.m. on the following dates: 


Session            Topic                                                                            Text

Jan 11              Creation/Sin enters the world/God’s Promise        Genesis 1-3

Jan 18              Noah and the Flood                                            Genesis 6-9

Jan 25              Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph                            Genesis 18

Feb 1               Moses and the Ten Plagues                                  Exodus 11-12

Feb 8               Israel Moves into the Promised Land                     Joshua 6-10

Feb 15             Gideon the Farmer Conqueror                               Judges 6

Feb 22             Samson: The Real Source of his Strength               Judges 13-16

March 1            Ruth: The Promise of a Savior                               Ruth

March 8            King Saul: Failed Trust                                         I Samuel

March 15          David & Goliath                                                    I Samuel 17

March 22         David & Bathsheba                                                2 Samuel 11-12

March 29         Solomon: Wisdom and Power                                  I Kings 3


If you have questions, or need childcare, please contact Paul Johnson. 


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