Engaging our Community with Mutual Ministry

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Engaging our Community with Mutual Ministry

God did not make believers islands unto themselves. He placed us into relationships with one another. Indeed, He made us one body. (1 Cor. 12:14-27).

St. John Lutheran is currently working on its community ministry efforts with help from the Center for Congregations through a grant. The Community Ministry Grant program is an education and matching grant program designed to help Indiana congregations engage in mutual ministry with their chosen community.

There are many ways to engage in community ministry and St. John has been focusing on doing ministry with (not for) people in the community which is allowing us to move beyond the four walls of our congregation. Often referred to as “mutual ministry,” this form of outreach depends on building friendships and collaborative support between your congregation and those you seek to serve.

On August 7th, we hosted one of our community partners, the Children’s Bureau, Inc., for a one-day seminar designed to equip educators to help children from ‘hard places’ of abuse, neglect and/or trauma. Our church had the privilege of hosting 110 Children’s Bureau staff and interested teachers.
Hosting a group of this size takes many volunteers. St. John member, Karen Johnson said, "I greeted our partners from the Children’s Bureau as they came in and helped them find the registration table and coffee.  I was excited that we were able to provide our church for this seminar." We had 10 people engaging with and serving our community at this event.
St. John member, Julie Carson, attended the event. Julie is the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director at Indiana Wesleyan University. After attending the seminar, she is working with the Children’s Bureau to have her students from the OTA program volunteer there. She also oriented her new student fieldwork coordinator and they will be meeting with the Children’s Bureau to develop student fieldwork/internships with them.  She said, "We are looking forward to developing the relationship."    

Nancy Fisher, Director of Adoption at the Children's Bureau shared these kind words with St. John Lutheran, "Thank you seems so minimal for all that you and your volunteers did to make the seminar such a successful day. Please tell all of them THANK YOU again and again! It was such a great day made possible by your generous hospitality. Thank you!" 

To learn more about our community partners and engage with our mutual ministry efforts - watch our video.  

Click here to see pictures from the event.


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