Kathy Simpson

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Kathy Simpson joined St. John through our New Member class last Fall. We officially welcomed her in December.

Here is what Kathy had to say about St. John, “I was raised in the Lutheran church since I was 3.   My friend Janet Cridlin and I met at the church as our families had several children in the same classes. We then had children of our own in Sunday school/church together.  Janet and I had reconnected by running into each other camping a few years ago.  We love camping and boating.  I even bought her old boat...lol

I had been wanting to get back to regular church attendance and Janet stated she loved St. John. I visited and after a few weeks, I understood why. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.  The sermons are interesting as well as entertaining.

I really enjoyed the new member class and feel the church is getting great individuals from that group.

Oh, and I attend and attempt the Zumba class!! Lol”

We are thankful that friendship and faith has led Kathy to St. John. We are excited to see where God will lead her.


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