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"O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever." Psalm 107:1

I was thrilled and thankful to be able to listen and see the services live on my St. John app on my phone.  God has made other communication possible through modern technology, too, such as sermons, Bible class, and talks between the pastors. 

There have been many who have helped and encouraged me in my use of modern technology that is available to us. I have had a lap top about 7 years.  But it was about 16 years ago when I first started volunteering at the Sharing Place that I wanted to learn how to use the computer.  At that time, we gave a list of available items to clients so they could choose what they would like to receive. That list was constantly changing.  I volunteered on Mondays, but I went in on a few Thursdays so that Russ Cook (my first computer teacher!) could teach me how to add and subtract items from the list. 

When I bought my first computer, my former neighbor, Jeri Lantz, was helpful in getting me started and answering questions.  The staff at St. John have helped me tremendously, too--Heidi Mielke, Shannon Velzen, Ivonne Zimmer, and others. I remember when Pastor Krupski was pleased when I bought a computer and later excited when I added a smart phone to my tech items. 

My journey has not been without frustration, such as times when I've had to call Comcast, or for some unknown reason lost what I had just "typed", or signed into Facebook (when I don't do Facebook) thinking it was the only way to receive the St. John services, or sent a text message to the wrong person. 

Thanks to Pastor Troy and Pastor Luke and whoever else have had a part in making the services, classes, talks available to us. 

Thanks to all who have helped and encouraged me in any way.  Most importantly, thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus, for giving me this technology for another opportunity to hear His message of unfathomable love.     

Jo Ann Hartley, Member


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