What can you do to help kids develop Sticky Faith?

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The Sticky Faith journey has been a great one so far! Thank you for the commitments you've made to this study. Sticky Faith is just the first book end in the Youth Ministry Grant Initiative! The initiative won’t be complete until September, and the effort to balance the “adult table” and “kids' table” will most likely continue long after that. 

Through all of this we can’t forget that it is only by God’s grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit that disciples are made. Many people have already felt lead to commit in one way or another. And there are still many ways you can be part of this movement! 

Here are four ways you can get involved right now: 

  1. Ask yourself, where is God sending you? Are you willing to be an advocate for creating “sticky webs of relationships”? If so, are you willing to develop some new relationships? 
  2. Take ten minutes and complete the Spiritual Gifts Assessment, or if you already know your gifts and passions, click on the boxes under the title “Your Spiritual Gifts”. Both are available here.
  3. Haven’t finished the book yet? That’s ok, take some time and skim over the chapters looking for quotes and nuggets that make sense to you. Then, look for an opportunity to bless someone else with it. 
  4. We are looking to build on the momentum created by this series to develop some new intergenerational small groups. Indicate your interest by clicking the box for small groups in the check off boxes in the link above. 

(We understand that we are quickly approaching the holiday season. Beginning a group now would prove to be fairly challenging. We have chosen January as our re-launch time. In the interim we plan to invite others to participate, and host a training for everyone that is interested.)

We've had a number of people share with us how the book has blessed their lives or challenged them. Take a moment to write your story in a comment below! 

If you missed a Sunday, or the whole series, email me and I'll send you the video series.



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