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St. John Lutheran Church is all about Jesus.

  • If you are new to St. John, it is our desire to help you discover the amazing gift of an amazing Savior and to share Him together with a family of believers.
  • Throughout our history we have been led by the Lord to ever change to meet the changing needs of the people in the time and circumstances in which we live. We meet those changes with the changeless love of a God who gives us His all.
  • In a world full of competing ideas or the generic mush of uncertainty we believe that God's Word (the Bible) teaches us with confidence that Jesus is God's Son who guarantees eternal life. We put high value on teaching and sharing God's Word.  We are bold to share with you what we believe.
  • Weekly worship and special worship services provide a time where Jesus meets us personally and shares with us His gifts, giving us life and empowering us for life.
  • A staff of caring servants motivated by an uncompromising desire to share Jesus with you look forward to meeting you and connecting you with God's love.