walking the halls

Our History

We love our story! It's amazing to think our church was established prior to the Civil War! We’ve been intentional about continuing to adapt to meet the needs of the communities around us. We’re eager to see how God will continue to use St. John to reach even more people with message of His love and grace.

Our Story

In 1852 we started in a log cabin church and a one-room schoolhouse. Our ministry now includes 1,300 members, 230 students in our school and 40 children in our Little Wings Childcare.

We've gone from a few families who moved from Germany seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity living out in the "boonies" to a church that is situated right on the line between urban and suburban neighborhoods of Indianapolis.  We've grown from a log cabin church - to a white framed church - to a sanctuary full of pipe organ and stained glass windows - to a modern facility with projection screens. The one room school was replaced by a three story school building which gave way to our current structure that serves us well. The pastor's house has become Little Wings Childcare. St. John used to be about a few core families. Almost everyone was related to everyone else at church. After a couple decades of reaching out to the communities around us, hundreds of people have joined in worship with us.