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Worship Services

Worship centers around God's gifts to us. In Jesus He gives us forgiveness, the Holy Spirit and faith. These come to us through God's Word, Baptism and Holy Communion. It is God's service to us. Worship also includes an opportunity for us to respond to God in our songs and prayers. God speaks. We respond. We gather together anticipating God blessing us and longing to reach out to God with hearts full of thanksgiving and praise because of what He has done for us.

We sense that different people respond in different ways to the sharing of God's gifts and so we offer two different worship styles.

  • Traditional Liturgical Worship is held in the sanctuary offers refuge and stability as it leads through the historic liturgy with an emphasis on singing traditional hymns and relying on printed responses between pastors and people. Saturday, 4:30 PM; Sunday, 8:30 Sanctuary.
  • Contemporary Worship is held in the Dwelling Place and offers liturgical elements, but also blends in a variety of instrumentation and song choices.  Rather than printed materials, we utilize projection to share printed material.   Sunday, 10:45 AM in the Dwelling Place.