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We are excited to begin this year’s confirmation instruction on Sunday, September 12th. Here are a few notes regarding Youth Confirmation at St. John for the 2021-22 academic year:


Confirmation Instruction

  • Youth Confirmation is composed of two foundational components of Christian instruction (Bible Narrative and Lutheran Doctrine.) Confirmands can begin in either Year A or Year B but will need to complete both years. Last year we taught Lutheran Doctrine. This year we will teach Bible Narrative.
      • Year A - Bible Narrative (Old Testament and New Testament). 
      • Year B - Lutheran Doctrine (Luther’s Small Catechism).
      • Beyond Year 2 - Christian Discipleship. Adult or Youth Bible Class/Youth Group
  • We will be utilizing the “flipped classroom” method of instruction again this year. We will have both in-person classroom instruction and online videos/quizzes. The videos will correspond with the in-person instruction. Confirmands can view a video for the lesson on their own prior to class, and we will use more of our time together for more interactive discussion. More information to follow!


Confirmation Registration

  • While no one is ever perfectly “ready” for the full level of commitment worthy of Jesus, we do want parents and students to discuss together their readiness and willingness to embark on this journey.
  • Different people become ready and willing at different points in life, and that’s okay. For example, you and your child may determine that they are ready to begin instruction in 5th grade. Alternatively, you may want to delay until 7th grade. Either is fine!
  • Please register your child(ren) for confirmation, even if you child is in his/her second year. Registering will help us track and better communicate with those who are participating in confirmation. You can complete the electronic form here: https://stjohnindy.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/86/responses/new.
  • We know there are circumstances that come up regarding when to start Confirmation, and that is ok! If you have any questions regarding Confirmation, please feel free to contact one of the pastors.


Additional Expectations:

  • Weekly Sunday worship as a family.
  • Acolyte service as scheduled.
  • We understand that vacations, illnesses, and family situations happen, but worship attendance and Christian discipleship should be the norm, not the exception.


Eligibility for the Rite of Confirmation:

  • Completion of both Year A (Bible Education) and Year B (Lutheran Doctrine).
  • Completion of the written Statement of Faith assignment.
  • A meeting with the pastors (“Pizza with the Pastors” event to be scheduled later).
  • For students concluding their second year of Confirmation instruction, the Rite of Confirmation will be on Sunday, May 1st. Mark your calendars!