Outreach—touching people's lives with the love of Jesus—is the very heart of God.

Throughout the entire history between our Heavenly Father and humanity, He has shown Himself to be a God who cares for His people. His ultimate act of sacrifice came when His Son became one of us… in order to give his own life for ours.

Because of all He does for us, God’s love flows from our lives… into the lives of others. When one hears the word “outreach,” perhaps the most common idea is that of mission. And it is the primary purpose of believers to carry the good news of Jesus to the world.

Human Care

But God does not make disciples in a vacuum. He opens hearts and minds through relationships and conversations. He has also made it clear that His followers should help those in need. Human care will always be an important part of what we do.

Community and World Partners

Finally, we must remember that no one does God’s work alone. So here are just a few of the organizations we are pleased to call partners.


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