Human Care

Jesus, the Son of God became fully human and throughout His days on earth displayed His compassion by healing and delivering people from things that were tearing them up. He did this so that they could discover that through Him they could be reunited in their life with God again.

We believe it is our privilege to be showing "mercy-care" through our Church. 

Supporting Food Pantries

We gather food monthly in support of the following food pantries:

Emmaus Lutheran Church (Fountain Square)

God's Bounty (Wanamaker)

The Sharing Place (Lutheran Child and Family Services).


Community Partnerships

We are constantly looking to connect with community based organizations to assist and support in the mercy care they provide, including such things as Salvation Army, Indiana Blood Center, etc.

Hands On Projects

All the way from organizing a cleanup day at someone's house, to encouraging participation in a Habitat For Humanity Project to building a wheel chair ramp for someone, we look to respond to the needs of our community and get people with gifts and talents active in using those gifts for Jesus' cause.

Emergency Care

Sometimes someone find themselves in a predicament and just needs a little help. As we have resources we try to respond to those needs. When the needs are bigger, like rental assistance or medical bills, we try to connect people with other community organizations that already are in place.

We can't fix the world, but we can reflect the love of Jesus in the simple things we do... in caring as He did.


For more information on our partners, contact:

Ivonne Zimmer, 317-352-9196 x13 or