Christian Objectives

The mission of St. John Lutheran School is to provide, in partnership with parents, a Christian Education which guides children to know Jesus as their Savior through God's Word, and to strive for academic excellence in a life of service to Him.

It is our objective to "make disciples" as students strive for academic excellence. To accomplish this, students at St. John Lutheran School participate in fellowship, projects, activities, and study, which will help them more fully understand and visibly express the characteristics of discipleship in their lives.

Students will learn how to pray and demonstrate their desire to turn to the Lord in prayer as part of their daily lives.

  1. Classes begin and end each day with devotion and prayer.
  2. Devotions include specific prayers requested by school community.
  3. Prayer requests visible in each of the classrooms and many also post the answers.
  4. Prayer when experiencing difficulties between students.

Students will develop an appreciation of the proper understanding of God's law and exhibit an understanding of right vs. wrong based on that Law.

  1. The study of the Ten Commandments, along with the teachings of Jesus about the Law, provides opportunity in each classroom to discuss right vs. wrong. The Ten Commandments are included as memory work at all grade levels.
  2. Discussion of classroom rules at the beginning of the year is based on concept of right vs. wrong.
  3. The discipline procedure at St. John recognizes the distinction between Law and Gospel.

Students will learn about their Savior Jesus Christ and be given opportunities to recognize Him, through faith, as their personal Lord and Savior.

This is the reason for our existence. It touches every part of the school experience at St. John and permeates the entire curriculum.

Students will demonstrate an appreciation of being in God's house, in God's presence, and in the presence of believers.

  1. Church attendance is a standard at St. John. The student body averages between 70% and 80% attendance each week.
  2. School choirs provide opportunity to become more involved in regular worship services and students are also given the opportunity to participate in special services throughout the year (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc).
  3. Students in the upper grades serve as ushers and acolytes during the school chapel services.
  4. Students in upper grades sit with students in lower grades to assist these younger students with worship. Also sets example to be followed.

Students will express a love for God's Word.

  1. The Bible is used as basis for all lessons. Students are encouraged to use Scripture on a regular basis and lessons require Bible study as part of the daily assignment.
  2.  Arch Books and Bible stories are included as Accelerated Reader selections.

Students will learn about stewardship of time, talent, and treasure, and demonstrate an understanding of this in their lives.

  1. Chapel offerings designated by different class each month.
  2. Students learn that participation in extracurricular activities is a stewardship of time, since all we do at St. John is done to the glory of God.
  3. Students are encouraged to explore their talents and gifts and are given opportunity to share these gifts with other students.

Students will develop expressions of care for those in their family, their classrooms, and their school.

  1. The curriculum includes lessons on the importance of family.
  2. Prayer requests for family and others within the friendship circle are encouraged.
  3. Get-well and other communications shared throughout the year.

Students will develop expressions of care for those outside their direct circle of friendship.

  1. Students are kept aware of the needs of people throughout the world.
  2. Chapel offerings provide a good way to learn about these needs and take steps to address them.

Students will display a recognition that all people are creations of God and have access to the forgiveness earned by Jesus.

  1. The curriculum reflects that all people are created by God and that He loves all people equally.
  2. The curriculum reflects the "free gift" of forgiveness, which is offered to all people.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the Great Commission and willingly share their witness as part of their everyday lives.

  1. Students are encouraged to share their witness with classmates daily.
  2. Faculty members often share words of witness with students.