Why St. John Lutheran?

We know when it comes to choosing the right school for your child, there are many factors. What makes St. John Lutheran different?

We share the belief that each child is a unique creation of God and loved by God. Christian faith permeates all aspects of school life.

    • Relationships are central, particularly the relationship between children and their teacher, and children and their classmates, and these relationships at St. John are characterized by care.
    • We support parents in the all-round education of their children – academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual.
    • School is more than a place to learn, it is a place to belong. It is an environment that includes a support system, a place of relationship building, intelligence gathering, spiritual strengthening and life changing experiences.
    • We offer a safe and caring Christian environment, experienced and committed teachers and staff, a fully departmentalized middle school, and smaller class sizes at all grade levels.
    • St. John Lutheran has an exceptional educational program, accredited by the State of Indiana and the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation.
    • An A rated school by the Indiana Department of Education.
    • We offer weekly chapel worship services, daily lessons in faith, and continuous connecting of the Word of God to daily life.

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The Mission of St. John Lutheran Church and School 

The Guiding Statement for St. John Lutheran Church and School is:

  • Cultivating Christ's Community through
  • Courageous Discipleship and 
  • Compassionate Action